Influencer marketing for cannabis & CBD with compliance AI baked in 🍪

Cannabis & hemp CBD marketing magicians, but unlike magicians, we show you how it's done.✨

Generate Targeted Consumer Demand at Scale

AMNESIA is here to empower you to reach your consumer at the top-of-the-funnel and stay top-of-mind without worrying about pesky regulations.

  • Compliance AI

    We empower you by ensuring compliance from start-to-finish. Stop worrying about account shut downs, losing your campaign ROI and most importantly, your license!

  • 300k Mainstream Influencers

    Generate demand with your target consumer by bringing content to where they're already consuming it. Interested in cannabis influencers? We've got you covered, too!

  • Data-Driven Targeting

    Feel confident that our influencers are authentically speaking to your target consumer. We curate your influencers based on audience data insights like demographics, geolocation and pyschometrics.

  • Analytics

    Always know exactly how valuable your campaign is, its status and how its performing.

  • Campaign Strategy

    New or looking to scale influencer marketing? Don't worry, we're here to guide you every step of the way and even help with creative & campaign strategy. Your success is our success!

  • Lookalike Audiences

    Does your target consumer have a certain brand affinity outside of cannabis & CBD? Or even within cannabis & CBD? Great, we can help you identify the influencers who speak those audiences. 

How It Works

All the benefits of an influencer marketing agency, but in a simple, powerful platform. Talk to us to learn more. 

  • 1

    Agency Style Onboarding

    All clients start with a complimentary onboarding where we deep dive into your mission, brand values, and target consumer. You'll receive & benefit from: 

    • Detailed brand personas
    • Updated compliance messaging
    • Campaign creative & strategy
    • Sample influencer
  • 2

    Curated Mainstream Influencers

    Finding the right influencer is hard! We curate your influencers so no more having to filter through all the noise! How do we curate?

    • Target consumer brand affinities
    • Look alike audiences
    • Brand values & aesthetics
    • Likes & interests
    • and more!
    • ... compliance, always

  • 3

    Rest Easy & Leave Management to Us

    Sit back and relax! Once you've chosen your influencers, leave the heavy lifting to us. 

    • Identifying the best way to get product to influencers
    • W-9s & payments
    • Rate negotiation
    • Communication
    • Analytics
    • ... compliance, always
  • 4

    Keeping Your Brand Safe with Compliance

    Review your content for publishing approval knowing that it's already been reviewed for compliance!

    • Compliant messaging updates
    • Influencer product education
    • Compliance checks powered by AI
  • 5

    Celebrate your Success with Your Analytics!

    Login & easily see exactly how your campaign is performing. Together we'll celebrate your wins & update your campaign strategy.

    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • Impact 
    • Email captures
    • Click Throughs
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Supporting our Incredible Clients

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