Influencer marketing for cannabis & CBD with compliance AI baked in 🍪

Cannabis & hemp CBD marketing magicians, but unlike magicians, we show you how it's done.

Generate Targeted Consumer Demand at Scale

AMNESIA is here to empower you to reach your consumer at the top-of-the-funnel and stay top-of-mind without worrying about pesky regulations.

  • Compliance AI

    We empower you by ensuring compliance from start-to-finish. Stop worrying about account shut downs, losing your campaign ROI and most importantly, your license!

  • 300k Mainstream Influencers

    Generate demand with your target consumer by bringing content to where they're already consuming it. Interested in cannabis influencers? We've got you covered, too!

  • Data-Driven Targeting

    Feel confident that our influencers are authentically speaking to your target consumer. We curate your influencers based on audience data insights like demographics, geolocation and pyschometrics.

  • Analytics

    Always know exactly how valuable your campaign is, its status and how its performing.

  • Campaign Strategy

    New or looking to scale influencer marketing? Don't worry, we're here to guide you every step of the way and even help with creative & campaign strategy. Your success is our success!

  • Lookalike Audiences

    Does your target consumer have a certain brand affinity outside of cannabis & CBD? Or even within cannabis & CBD? Great, we can help you identify the influencers who speak those audiences.

How It Works

All the benefits of an influencer marketing agency, but in a simple, powerful platform. Talk to us to learn more. 

  • 1

    Agency Style Onboarding

    All clients start with a complimentary onboarding where we deep dive into your mission, brand values, and target consumer. You'll receive & benefit from: 

    • Detailed brand personas
    • Updated compliance messaging
    • Campaign creative & strategy
    • Sample influencer
  • 2

    Curated Mainstream Influencers

    Finding the right influencer is hard! We curate your influencers so no more having to filter through all the noise! How do we curate?

    • Target consumer brand affinities
    • Look alike audiences
    • Brand values & aesthetics
    • Likes & interests
    • and more!
    • ... compliance, always

  • 3

    Rest Easy & Leave Management to Us

    Sit back and relax! Once you've chosen your influencers, leave the heavy lifting to us. 

    • Identifying the best way to get product to influencers
    • W-9s & payments
    • Rate negotiation
    • Communication
    • Analytics
    • ... compliance, always
  • 4

    Keeping Your Brand Safe with Compliance

    Review your content for publishing approval knowing that it's already been reviewed for compliance!

    • Compliant messaging updates
    • Influencer product education
    • Compliance checks powered by AI
  • 5

    Celebrate your Success with Your Analytics!

    Login & easily see exactly how your campaign is performing. Together we'll celebrate your wins & update your campaign strategy.

    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • Impact 
    • Email captures
    • Click Throughs
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Supporting our Incredible Clients

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